In this course we use the plasticity of the clay to create endless textures and shapes that in other material would be impossible to obtain. Then we will pass it to wax and melt into metal. The result is a jewel or a decorative object of small format.

Methods and Learning

  • We  create two objects in clay: one with volume (small sculpture) and one flat object (pendant, brooch, medal etc.). We add textures. We will do various tests until reaching the desired results.
  • Then we pass it through the wax
  • We clean and prepare the wax negative for casting

SECOND SESSION (5 hours) – we work with the pieces that have already been casted in metal

  • We finished the metal parts as jewelry and sculptural object
  • We learn about types of metal finishings: polished, textured, sanded
  • We learn about types of patinas


  • The price includes the casting of two pieces in brass. However, if you want to use another metal (silver, gold, etc.), that metal casting is paid by you.
  • Our teachers offer a completely personalized treatment in accordance with the needs of each student.
  • The classes are comprised of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 people to ensure personalized attention.
  • For the students from abroad we have a very advantageous package including accommodation, if needed.
  • We provide you with all the materials and tools you may need for your creative process, this also includes work clothes.


10 hours course, 2 sessions of 5h/day:
From 10:00 a 15:00 h. on the 21st and 28th of January


Total Price: 165€
All the ceramic materials, wax, patinas, cast brass, tools, food and beverages are included in the price. N.B: If  the extra cost is paid by the student, the piece can be melted using other metals (silver, gold etc).