What’s the purpose of Art in Barcelona?

Since living in Barcelona, we’ve made lots of contacts with art professionals and art schools (that have all been personally tried and tested) and wanted to bring this information to those English speaking artists who want to include this beautiful city to their artistic formation and personal development route.

Our role is to inform, guide and liaise with these inspirational schools for you.

Remember: Art in Barcelona is not a school! – Once we know what you want, we’ll speak to our art friends/tutors/schools and look for a way to make it happen.

Why contact Art in Barcelona when I can contact the art schools myself?

The sole aim at aib is to make your life easier.
Since we probably have more contacts in Barcelona than you would find in an online search, we can give you more options. For example, sometimes your schedule might not fit in the school’s schedules; in this case we can put you in contact with prominent and trustworthy artists who are willing to give you private classes… or we can liaise with various schools and tutors to create a custom made art program for your own art students.

And what about prices?

Art in Barcelona works on a commission basis with the schools and teachers, so there is no extra expense to you.
By booking your course with aib, you are thus helping sustain a vocation that will also help others, and which, without your help, would not be sustainable.