Academic courses offered for those who take their art seriously.

These academic courses range from 5 weeks to 2 years, depending on the goals and ambitions of the applicant. The school offers a wide range of courses from painting to welding to screen printing to graffiti. Visits/Lectures by prominent art professionals from the Barcelona art scene are also included.


The international workshop prides itself in the variety of classes given throughout the course. The following are a selection of the classes available.
Please note that these classes are given throughout the academic year, so students joining the course for a short period of time (ex: a semester) would not have access to all the available courses.

Some classes you can take at the international workshop: Painting outside, Introduction to screen printing, Texture in painting, Painting the human body, Hyper-realism, Graffiti, Basic welding, Constructing with wood, Plaster & Moulds, Light as a material, Installations, Clay sculpting, Developing & Printing B&W Negatives, Stop-motion & animation, Graphic Design, Books and Blogs, Introduction to Video, and Web design amongst others

Colaborating institutions:
The International Workshop collaborates with a large list of public and private institutions in Barcelona. Some of them arte comercial galleries/gallerists, others are art-centres supported by the local government. Among them are:

Galería Taché ·
Galería 3Punts ·
Home Session ·
ADN Galería ·
Galería N2 ·
Sala d’Art Jove ·
Hangar –
La Escocesa ·