Academic courses offered for those who take their art seriously.

These academic courses range from 5 weeks to 2 years, depending on the goals and ambitions of the applicant. The school offers a wide range of courses from painting to welding to screen printing to graffiti. Visits/Lectures by prominent art professionals from the Barcelona art scene are also included.


January – February 2016
Beyond Dreams  – 6 weeks
Price: €1.404,00

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February – March 2016
No Man’s Land – 5 weeks
Price: €1.170,00

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March – April 2016
The Gaze and the Mirror, Action / Reflection – 4 weeks
Price: €1.170,00
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May – June 2016

Pandora’s Box… On taking risks – 5/6 weeks
Price: €1.170,00
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01. Art for a Semester

Spring semester 2016
January – May
Price: € 3.969,00
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Autumn semester 2016
September – November*
Price: €2.873,00
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02. One Year of Art
January – November* 2016
Price: € 5.641,00

*w/ access to studios until end of December
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03. Two Years of Art
2 September 2015 – May 2017
Price: € 5.641,00€ (1st year) + €3.906,75 (2nd year)
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For application requirements, kindly refer to page 32-34 of the attached 2014-2015 Prospectus

Prices: All prices include reservation fee, tuition, sample materials, area-electives and studio space. The Reservation fee is due upon admission to the International Workshop and is paid in addition to tuition. It is not refundable. For payment facilities & conditions, kindly refer to page 40-41 of the (same) Prospectus

Learn more about the amazing art tutors and visiting artists on this course

The international workshop prides itself in the variety of classes given throughout the course. The following are a selection of the classes available.
Please note that these classes are given throughout the academic year, so students joining the course for a short period of time (ex: a semester) would not have access to all the available courses.

Some classes you can take at the international workshop: Painting outside, Introduction to screen printing, Texture in painting, Painting the human body, Hyper-realism, Graffiti, Basic welding, Constructing with wood, Plaster & Moulds, Light as a material, Installations, Clay sculpting, Developing & Printing B&W Negatives, Stop-motion & animation, Graphic Design, Books and Blogs, Introduction to Video, and Web design amongst others

Colaborating institutions:
The International Workshop collaborates with a large list of public and private institutions in Barcelona. Some of them arte comercial galleries/gallerists, others are art-centres supported by the local government. Among them are:

Galería Taché ·
Galería 3Punts ·
Home Session ·
ADN Galería ·
Galería N2 ·
Sala d’Art Jove ·
Hangar –
La Escocesa ·